“With changing times we have evolved to match the world’s best.
With service to humanity as our driving force and technology as a means to get there,
our Corporate slogan “Committed to Excellence” has always inspired us to be the best.”
Albertsons International was founded in 1995 with a vision to offer niche products and services to the Banking and Retail industry. From offering Loyalty Cards to banks and retailers, Albertsons has come a long way over the 26 years of its existence. Today, Albertsons offers a complete range of currency handling equipment for Banks, financial institutions and commercial organisations, ranging from note counting machines to coin vending machines, kiosks and cheque scanners. Digital signage and Queue Management Solutions form part of the offerings.

Albertsons foresaw the need for automation in processing cash in a rapidly growing economy, where majority of small value transactions even today are cash based. To help banks, financial institutions, and retailers ease the drudgery of handling cash, and improving efficiency, Albertsons started offering currency processing equipment and maintenance services.

Over the years Albertsons has grown from a single office operation in Bangalore to a network of more than 21 Sales Offices and more than 150+ Service Stations spread across the length and breadth of India including NER.

Albertsons has supplied more than 75,000 units of various cash processing equipment and supports more than 50,000 installations across the country. The quality of Albertsons products and the responsiveness of its services has made it the most preferred vendor at banks, financial institutions and retailers.

Dr. John Wilfred Lobo

Chairman & Managing Director

Dr. J. W. Lobo is the Founder and currently the Chairman & Managing Director of Albertsons. With a PhD in Economics, Dr. Lobo’s expertise lies in the area of cost economics, which he has used for the promotion and implementation of a number of cost saving solutions using automation systems at number of banks, PSU and other governmental organizations. With a career spanning more than 4 decades, he has led Albertsons from the front throughout its arduous journey to its current leadership position as one of the most preferred vendors to the banking industry for currency processing equipment. Prior to Albertsons, Dr. Lobo served for more than 15 years with Bradma.

Dr. Lobo has been presented with the ‘Rashtriya Ekta Award’ by the Union Ministry for Environment & Forest, Govt. of India in recognition for achieving excellence in the field of ‘Innovation’ and ‘Mechanization’.

Philanthropy occupies the center-stage in Dr. Lobo’s conduct and he is a regular donor to charitable organizations and social causes for betterment of underprivileged.

Victor Sequeira

Executive Director

Mr. Victor Sequeira is one of the Founding Directors and is the Executive Director of Albertsons. Mr. Sequeira has over 35 years of experience in marketing and product development in varied fields. In the past Mr. Sequeira has worked with Wipro, Bradma & HCL. Over the last two and a half decades as Executive Director at Albertsons, Mr. Sequeira has played a pivotal role in product visioning and development. He brings with him a keen eye for detail that has ensured that Albertsons products have outshined its competitors in performance and durability. Mr. Sequeira has also been instrumental in expanding the Albertsons network across India and taking Albertsons reach to every nook and corner of the country.

Mr. Sequeira in his spare time works with underprivileged youth and orphans to help them become self reliant and employable. Over the years he has helped a large number of adolescents go out into the world with skill sets that has transformed their lives.

A.D. Serrao

Director – Administration

Mr. A.D. Serrao is one of the whole – time Directors of Albertsons for more than two decades. He is responsible for administration and human resources at Albertsons. Prior to Albertsons, Mr. Serrao has served for over a decade in the Senior Management Team of Deejay Group where he was a core team member for Deejay Group’s diversification into Aquaculture. As a full time Director at Albertsons, Mr. Serrao is actively involved in day to day administration of the Company as well as managing the human resources of the Company.

Mr. Serrao has a passion for driving and loves putting his motoring skills to test on the sinuous roads of the Western Ghats when he can find some time away from this responsibilities at Albertsons.

Melvin Peres

Director – Operations

Mr. Melvin Peres is one of the earliest employees of Albertsons. Starting as Sales and Services Executive, he has risen through the ranks by demonstrating constant leadership qualities. He has vast operational experience and contributed immensely in building Albertsons operations grounds up over the years. From managing sales & services to field training recruits to setting up Albertsons operations in virgin territories, Mr. Peres has been involved in the thick of Operations.

As Director – Operations, he has oversight for customer care, product & services quality, and achievement of Albertsons sales and service targets. Apart from this he heads the Technical Development Cell of Albertsons where product innovation, testing and technical support to Albertsons Service team is anchored.

Ashish Verma

Director – Strategy & New Business

Mr. Ashish Verma has been with Albertsons since 2006 and currently serving as Director – Strategy & New Business. Mr. Verma is responsible for strategic planning, developing new businesses and project execution. At Albertsons, Mr. Verma has been instrumental in developing performance metrics, revenue and cost planning, Albertsons foray into third party equipment maintenance business, Digital Signage and Cash Recycler business.

Mr. Verma is an alumnus of IIT Bombay & MIT (USA). Prior to joining Albertsons, he has been involved in cutting edge collaborative aerospace research projects with agencies like NASA, Northrop Grumman, UTRC, DRDO, NAL etc. After his academic pursuits he has been involved in setting up an airline.

Mr. Verma spends his spare time solving puzzles, reading, photography and cooking.

Satyaprakash Maddela

Director – Technology

Mr Satyaprakash Maddela has been with Albertsons since 2015. With an MBA from Harvard Business School, he is an experienced, Six Sigma Certified Enterprise Architect in Cloud , Mobile , IoT and Blockchain applications and has managed large mission critical projects in GE, BBH, MZeal and CBAS. As Director – Technology for Albertsons he is responsible for developing customer engagement products for BFSI and other industries.

Mr Maddela is the co-founder of two start-up companies one which developed embedded systems boards and other which developed FDTL, Safety Management and Risk Audit Systems for NSOPS [Non Scheduled Airlines Operators ].

During his spare time Mr Maddela involves himself in preparation and presentation of academic papers for strategic business plans, participates in CMM and ISO audits and takes a lead in training, seminars and developing and managing online courses for TSP Academy Asia.

Ramesh Shetty

DGM – Finance & Accounts

Mr. Ramesh Shetty has been with Albertsons from 2005 and is currently serving as DGM (Finance & Accounts). Mr. Shetty’s responsibility includes management of company’s finances and accounts, internal audits, statutory compliances, development and implementation of systems and procedures for overall administration of Company. Prior to joining Albertsons, Mr. Shetty has worked with Cila Advertisers in the accounting department. As the Head of Finance & Accounts, Mr. Shetty has skillfully managed cash flows, Company finances to ensure that Albertsons was comfortable during the economic downturns. Systems and processes implemented by him have helped the Company remain lean and responsive to emerging market scenarios.

Mr. Shetty is an enthusiastic programmer and likes to develop software and systems that help Albertsons automate a lot of clerical drudgery.

Teresa Andrade

DGM – Legal and Corporate Affairs

Ms. Teresa Andrade joined Albertsons in 2013 as Manager – Legal & Company Affairs. Ms. Andrade a gold medallist in Law and an Associate Member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, has served first with ING Vysya Bank Limited in their Secretarial Department and thereafter as the Company Secretary of Goldman Sachs (India) Securities Private Limited and Goldman Sachs (India) Finance Private Limited respectively.

As DGM – Legal & Corporate Affairs at Albertsons, Ms. Andrade takes care of Legal, Compliance, Human Resources, Imports, Exports and online presence for the Company.
In her spare time, Ms. Andrade likes cooking, gardening and listening to music.