Currency Processing

CashClean 150FK

Your path to impeccable currency fitness sorting in 1+1 pocket configuration


  • Detects suspect currency using advanced technology.
  • Sorts damaged, folded, or incomplete notes according to RBI guidelines.
  • Multi-function capabilities: fitness sorting, mix counting, adding, and more.
  • Genuineness identification based on the first feeding note.
  • Sleek design with Super LED display.

CashClean 250F

Precision meets performance in 2+1 pocket configuration


  • Top-tier sensors for ultimate accuracy.
  • Fitness sorting, mix counting, and value counting functionalities.
  • User-friendly 4.3” Touch Display.
  • Seamless connectivity through USB, serial port, and LAN.
  • Enhance your operations with CashClean 250F.

CashClean 450F

Elevate efficiency with 4+1 pocket perfection


  • Ample capacity: 1000-note stacker, 100-note reject.
  • Advanced sensors ensure comprehensive currency examination.
  • External 7” Touch Display for enhanced interaction.
  • Multi-currency support with OCR capabilities.
  • Step into the future of currency sorting.

CashClean 450F Plus

Unparalleled performance in 4+2 pocket configuration


  • Extended capacity: 1500-note hopper, 500-note stacker.
  • Streamlined user experience with 7” Touch Display.
  • Innovative features: Batch card processing, Face Orientation recognition.
  • Optimal connectivity via USB, serial port, and LAN.
  • Elevate your currency management to new heights.